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  • Fred Dobbs

    Fred is the owner of this company. He has grown up in the automobile business and been in it all his life. He will readily greet a customer walking into his dealership and assist them in selecting the right vehicle where most dealership owners are not available to their customers. If he is in town and at the dealership, he is available to help you find the best vehicle for you or to see that we do! Call or stop by. You will like how you will be treated!

  • David Thompson
    general manager

    Thirtyfour years in this business. Experienced in vehicle sales and financing. David acquires our inventory, arranges the servicing, puts together the advertisings, but still really enjoys selling cars and trucks.." In this business, making friends is easy when you find the vehicle that is right for them at a price that is right for them and with service for them, down the road"...
    We couldn't say it any better!  Come see for yourself!

  • Nathaniel "Nate" Edwards
    sales person

    Nathaniel has been with this dealership since 1999. Easy going and easy to talk to, hundreds of folks look to him to help select the right vehicle for themselves, family member or friends.  Everybody likes "Nate" and he works hard for all of his clients..Give him a call and put him to work for you! Get a friend and a knowledgeable salesman all in one!